About Us

    The Wisconsin Association of Textile Services (WATS) is a group of employees and vendors that was founded in 1986. Our laundries focus on the re-use of materials and serve as a collection point where substances can be removed from articles and properly disposed of, rather than ending up in landfills or home sewers. As an industry, we are interested in promoting sensible legislation and regulation in water use and wastewater rules, hauling of soiled textile products, and the use of chemical supplies. WATS strives to have commercial launderers and dry cleaners recognized throughout Wisconsin as environmental “good guys”.

    Along with working to protect the environment, WATS works hard to protect the private work in the laundry industry. WATS aims to create barriers to prevent prisons, and other public industries from overlapping with the private sector. In addition, WATS has access to a variety of high level elected and Government Officials throughout the State of Wisconsin.

    Lastly, as a labor intensive industry, WATS is concerned about mandated benefits and costs. It is important that we see controlled costs in the areas of worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation, minimum wages, and current levels or taxes, fees, etc. As an association we work to build up the laundry and textile industry, creating a positive environment, workplace, and overall lifestyle for our members.